We’re Going to a Dog Party!

When my kids were small, one of their favorite books was by P.D. Eastman.  Written in 1961 and entitled, “Go Dogs Go”, it was the story of a great migration of dogs, some in cars, some in buses, some on foot, some wearing pretty hats, and some not.  Where were all those dogs going?  You… Continue reading We’re Going to a Dog Party!

I Am Gullible

When we bought it fifteen years ago, the realtor kindly referred to our home as having a lot of “deferred maintenance.”  In Southern California speak, this meant, “Honey, it’s a tear down.”  We didn’t care.  The house is on three acres of land, ten minutes from the beach—absolutely perfect for three rambunctious children, the four… Continue reading I Am Gullible

There’s Hope For The Rest of Us

This morning I had the opportunity to speak about radiation oncology before a group of high school girls in a program called BeWISE, which stands for Be a Woman In Science and Engineering.  The organizer of this morning’s seminar had purposely chosen an all- woman faculty, so that the students would get an opportunity to… Continue reading There’s Hope For The Rest of Us

The Adventures of Dad, Continued

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve probably figured out that my father is one tough old bird.  He was my grandmother’s first born son, and was yanked forcibly from his mother’s womb a month prematurely via a forceps delivery after her water broke.  As a result, his left brachial plexus was… Continue reading The Adventures of Dad, Continued

Why Doctors Should Be English Majors

In early May, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to see a production of “The Tempest”, by the Hobart Shakespeareans, a fifth grade class led by renowned elementary school teacher Rafe Esquith.  The production was scored, lit, set and acted by inner city ten year olds who, lacking funds for elaborate Elizabethan garb,… Continue reading Why Doctors Should Be English Majors