Another Thanksgiving

Every year when the time changes and the days get shorter and the nights longer, I start to feel it.   By the time that the halls are decked with boughs of holly, now shortly before Thanksgiving, the season of airport delays, of frantic last minute shopping, of eating and drinking too much and then doing… Continue reading Another Thanksgiving

Just Trying To Keep The Customer Satisfied

The institution that employs me is very bullish on customer satisfaction.  Having come from a fourteen year stint in private practice before I came back into the University fold six years ago, the little things that make a practice run smoothly come naturally to me. Patients are typically seen within a week of the consultation… Continue reading Just Trying To Keep The Customer Satisfied

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

I had promised my friend Rachel two months ago that when it came time to let her current litter of Scottish deerhound puppies go to their new homes, I would come to Arizona for the big send off. I bought my ticket to Tucson cheap but life has been hectic lately, between the pressures of… Continue reading Happiness is a Warm Puppy

For Michael

Writing a novel is like following a recipe for rhinoceros stew that begins: 1) Find a Rhino -Michael S. Palmer I was saddened earlier this week to read, first on Facebook as posted by his son Daniel, that Michael Palmer had passed away after suffering a heart attack and then a stroke, while going through… Continue reading For Michael

Back In The Saddle

An email from a reader early this morning reminded me that I have not given my Crab Diaries an update on the adventures of my eighty-eight year old Dad.  The story left off on our trip back from Aspen, Colorado where we held a memorial service for my mother on September 29.  The thin mountain… Continue reading Back In The Saddle

The Future is Now

Two days after I returned from Jamaica, my husband surprised me by throwing a dinner party for his business associates and their wives, most of whom I had not met.  Knowing that my first few days back at work would be hectic, he decided that he would not burden me with the planning and execution… Continue reading The Future is Now