The Irony of It All

My son wants a government job. After obtaining a Masters degree in Public Policy, with an emphasis on economics, he was the envy of his classmates when he actually got a job.  He has been working for the last seven months for a giant consulting corporation.  Early every Monday morning, at the bidding of his… Continue reading The Irony of It All

You Can’t Go Home Again

“Look homeward Angel, now and melt with ruth, And O, ye Dolphins’ waft the hapless youth”   In the fall of 1971, I entered Yale University as one of 250 freshman women, the third class of women to be admitted to a college still dedicated to the concept of graduating “1000 male leaders” a year. … Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again

The Care At The End Of The Road

Seven months ago, in Carbondale, Colorado, staff at the skilled nursing facility where my mother had resided for over a year recommended that she be placed on hospice.  My mother has severe advanced dementia and can no longer walk, speak, feed herself or recognize her family members. As much as I know about hospice care… Continue reading The Care At The End Of The Road

The Purple Bathing Suit

“April is the cruelest month”  T.S. Eliot Although I have spent my professional career battling cancer, cancer is not the cruelest disease.  Tonight I was looking through old photographs that my father had taken to a print shop to be scanned on to a disk.  He sent me a copy, but I had not had… Continue reading The Purple Bathing Suit