I Was Just Checking

WordPress has this little program called “Counterize”, which allows bloggers like me to see how much traffic our sites have, and which “pages” are viewed the most.  Every so often, I like to check the stats so I can figure out which of my essays are the most popular.  You know—so I can play to the fan base and that sort of thing.

Lately, the number one and two spots for all time Crab Diaries most viewed pages are, drum roll please, “The Things They Put On Their Skin”, followed by “He Was Just Lucky.”

Well at least I know what MY readership is interested in!  On the other hand, what do I expect, having titled this The Crab Diaries.  Perhaps I need to rethink…..

9 thoughts on “I Was Just Checking

  1. Interesting word. Could mean a lot of things – an ill-natured person – an ugly little thing people eat – a small apple – grass that is impossible to get rid of -
    a nasty little louse residing in the human pubic region

    • You’re right Verda. But in this case I was going for the more obvious association between cancer, and it’s symbol both in the Zodiac and according to Hippocrates-the crab. Plus, the older I get, the crabbier I get! M

  2. When I first came across your blog I decided that you must have been born under the sign of the crab, making you a cancer. I have two children who were born under the sign and they are diametrically opposite: he is kind and gentle with his mom, she is prone to high dudgeon and inappropriate anger which she freely deposits on her mom.

    • Actually Christi, I am a Sagittarian. But I am married to a Cancer, for what that’s worth. And as for the kids, my Aquarian is the most difficult. Go figure! M.

  3. Reading backward from having discovered your blog a day or 2 ago, my faves have been your Happy Place and the crusty Texan doc. However, He Was Just Lucky happened to be the very first post I got to, after googling Dr. Rosenthal.

    • Vicki, glad you’re enjoying it. Dr. Rosenthal was a unique character–I was privileged to get to know him. As for my “Happy Place”, I think everyone should get to see Africa while there is still something to see–after watching the National Geographic special about elephant poaching the other night, I do not feel very optimistic. M

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