Nurses Talk

I think you all know how I feel about nurses now.  If not, go back through the archives of this blog and read my essay “Nurse!”  My patients and I have been supported throughout my career by some of the finest people on the planet, my oncology nurses.  As a medical student, as an intern and resident in internal medicine, and as a radiation oncologist, nurses have saved my neck and my ass as often as they have saved my patients’ lives.  “Advice to New Interns From a Nurse Turned Medical Student”  should be required reading for any new medical school grad starting an internship.

Now it is my turn to help out.  An innovative new talk show has been created, aimed at raising the level of the public understanding of important medical issues from the perspective of nursing experts, educators and front line practitioners.   The show is entitled “Nurses Talk” and three TV quality episodes have been produced along with a trailer which can be viewed on their YouTube channel via their website .  If you are as tired as I am of the talking doctor heads on network tv (and no offense meant, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil!) have a look and if you like what you see as much as I do, please contribute to the campaign to keep this great effort going.  For more information, and for a way to contribute, go to . Time is running out for funding.   Thank you, and back to my regular programming soon!  Miranda.

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