Deconstructing the House

Photographer’s notes: Please have the home prepared before the photographer arrives. 1. Turn on every conceivable light. 2. Open window coverings. 3. Remove pool hose, pool supplies and backyard toys. 4. Open patio umbrellas. 5. Remove BBQ cover. 6. Remove cars and trash cans from driveway. 7. Remove laundry, toys and cleaning supplies, brochure stands,… Continue reading Deconstructing the House

My First Day Off

I’ve rarely been a real risk taker when it comes to physical activity.   I’ve never jumped out of an airplane, rappelled down a mountainside, or skied in fresh powder after being dropped from a helicopter.  When I swim, I like my pool water warm, and when I ride, I like my horses elderly and as… Continue reading My First Day Off

Facebook Flicks

Fourteen years ago, writer/actor/director Christopher Guest made a little movie called “Best in Show”, supposedly a movie about dog shows, but more accurately a very funny movie about people who show dogs.  The film was eagerly anticipated in the dog show world, since many of us knew which dogs of each breed had been chosen… Continue reading Facebook Flicks