Why I Am Not A Psychiatrist, #1

I love psychiatrists. Besides the fact that several of my  family members have availed themselves of psychiatric services,  I have always admired the intellect and insight required to truly “see” into another person’s mind, combined with the patience to listen, even when one is bored or otherwise preoccupied—these are skills I do not have.  When… Continue reading Why I Am Not A Psychiatrist, #1

Miracles Do Happen

Sometimes miracles do happen. In 1999, I was called for an emergency consultation on a young man in his early 40’s who had come into the emergency room.  He had been involved in an automobile accident, and the police were trying to arrest him for drunk driving since he could not “walk the line”.  His… Continue reading Miracles Do Happen

“The Bucket List”, or Why I Hate Cancer Movies

In another life, I would have been a film maker.  Not an actor, or a set designer or even a cinematographer.  I would have been The Director.  It’s obvious isn’t it?  It’s all about being The Person In Charge.  So even though I hate cancer movies, I have to confess to a little bit of… Continue reading “The Bucket List”, or Why I Hate Cancer Movies


When I was 30 years old, I learned the true meaning of optimism.  During my residency, I was fortunate enough to have as a mentor one of the world’s greatest radiation oncologists for head and neck cancer.  This man was  born in China to two Chinese Christian missionary parents.  He and his twin brother were… Continue reading FIFTY/FIFTY


Patients often come to me with the idea that they need to take antioxidants to either “prevent cancer” (Sorry Bud, you already have it!), or to “repair the damage from radiation”.   Here’s the thing.  We don’t WANT to repair the damage from radiation.  We want to KILL those suckers! Here’s the syllogism: Radiation causes… Continue reading Antioxidants

The Chiropractor

In 2007 I was asked to consult on a patient with prostate cancer.  He was a chiropractor.  I respect those guys—I’ve got a great one who practices only on horses and dogs.  I was a sceptic.  I put chiropracty right up there with divination and dowsing.  That is, I did until I found my doggy… Continue reading The Chiropractor