Rethinking heroism

For Elly I have mentioned in previous essays here that I do not treat pediatric patients–that I learned that I don’t have the temperament for it–but I never said why.  The meeting in Boston brought back a flood of memories from the early days of my career, and it is time to revisit some of… Continue reading Rethinking heroism

For Once, Then, Something

As I was leaving for Boston, I asked if anyone would care to contribute to this blog.  I am still processing the wonderful things that friends and family have sent me.  This one is from my husband. One drop fell from a fern, and lo, a ripple Shook whatever it was lay there at bottom,… Continue reading For Once, Then, Something

A Boston Story

Despite the recent hurricane, Boston is a city with many charms. If I had forgotten, a walk through Beacon Hill on Halloween was a great reminder—little ghosts and goblins everywhere and old brownstones decorated to the hilt. As I looked up at something protruding from a large bay window on Mt. Vernon Street, I realized… Continue reading A Boston Story

All the Pretty Horses are Gone

Somewhere in times own space There must be some Sweet pastured place Where creeks sing on And tall trees grow Some paradise where horses go, For by the love that guides my pen I know great horses live again. ~Stanley Harrison It was a tough week for the ponies, this one.   Earlier this week, Sandy… Continue reading All the Pretty Horses are Gone