Why I am Not a Psychiatrist #3

I have a friend that I will call Rhonda here for the sake of anonymity. Dr. Rhonda has a PhD in psychology, and works at a mental health facility here in town.  When I started to write down some of my stories, she started to send me some of hers.  Whereas I can be quite verbose, Rhonda knows how to keep ‘em short and sweet.  Since I can’t convince her to start her own blog, here are a few of her stories.

<<We got a client over the weekend that was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 23 years ago.  I had to laugh.  She has gotten several drop dead dates and with each one she’s gone out and lived it up a bit.  To the point that she embezzled, lied, stole and gambled to take amazing vacations.  Ended up in jail, and of course, didn’t die.

Mondays can be amusing,


<<The officer noted that when she first approached the patient, she had a dog leash wrapped around her waist, a dog collar on her throat, and a fanny pack tied around her waist. When asked about her bizarre outfit, she replied “because I’m a country western singer.”

Just had to share :)


<<I often want to do some version of telling the stories.  Wish I could figure a way to do so and not lose my job.   Did I tell you the story of the guy the police department picked up covered in Italian dressing with a garbage bag over him.  He was wandering in the sun to get “baked” because he wanted to be an Italian, of course.  Must not have had enough dressing……


Rhonda is not kidding.  These stories really happened.  Today was a long day, just coming back to work from the meeting in Boston.  But I am glad that I chose radiation oncology!  Back to my own stories this weekend.

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